'Cry harder': MSNBC host mocks Trump official whining over Jan. 6 hearing
Richard Grenell and Donald Trump (Twitter).

Ric Grenell, Donald Trump's acting Director of National Intelligence ranted at an MSNBC reporter Monday evening only to be put in his place for whining.

MSNBC's Katie Phang wrote that there are still many unindicted attackers of the U.S. Capitol that the Justice Department and FBI are trying to locate. She was writing about behavior by the four Proud Boys linked to Henry "Enrique" Tarrio who were indicted this week. Many of the other unindicted attackers did the same things as the Proud Boys, yet they haven't been arrested yet.

Grenell retweeted it lamenting that Phang wants to arrest everyone who was at the Jan. 6 attack, downplaying what the Proud Boys are accused of doing.

"It was an INSURRECTION, not a rally. Cry harder," Phang shot back.

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Her comments were met with laughter and cheers while his were met with ridicule.