Richard Spencer is looking for a girlfriend and he says he's not a white nationalist anymore
Richard Spencer (V@s/Flickr)

White supremacist Richard Spencer is apparently single and ready to mingle, according to Jezebel's Laura Bassett, who was sent a link to his Bumble profile by a reader -- who then found Spencer's number and reached out to him to confirm if the profile was real, which it was.

“I’d appreciate your respecting my privacy. This is obviously not newsworthy. I’m simply living my life,” Spencer texted Bassett.

"Okay, that would be a fair point if the dater in question were not a literal white supremacist leader accused of physically abusing his ex-wife, and masquerading as a random 'moderate' skier who’s into electronic music on Bumble. So I said as much to him—that I thought he was being 'deceptive,'" Bassett writes.

Spencer then replied to Bassett, essentially claiming that he's not a white nationalist anymore and that he's basically a moderate liberal when it comes to politics and doesn't identify as a conservative. He also told her that “life experience” and “intellectual rethinking” have caused him to reconsider the white nationalist views that he “embraced earlier in life.”

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“If you’re on a path that leads nowhere, you have to rethink things,” he told me.

Spencer then stopped responding when Bassett told him she was going to publish the conversation.

"The moral of the story is: Be wary of the 'moderates' on Bumble," writes Bassett.