CNN's Keilar corners GOP senator on support for pro-Trump candidate accused of strangling wife
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (Screenshot/YouTube)

On CNN Monday, an interview with National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Rick Scott (R-FL) quickly went off the rails after anchor Brianna Keilar asked him whether he would stand by a pro-Trump Pennsylvania Senate candidate accused of domestic assault.

"You are head of the NRSC, charged with getting Republicans elected to the Senate," said Keilar. "Sean Parnell [is] facing allegations from his wife he strangled her and abused one of their small children. Is he still the right candidate?"

"As you know, we have Republican and Democrat primaries across the country and in Pennsylvania, we have — both Republicans and Democrats have primaries, and so we'll see who comes out of the primary. Facts will come out, we'll find out what people think. I think what ultimately happens is people are going to look at somebody's background, is that the type of person they want and also, are they talking about the issues that I care about?"

"Is that the type of person, sir, that you want?" Keilar pressed him. "That's pretty extraordinary, right? You have someone whose wife is saying that they — you have someone whose wife is saying that he strangled them, and that he left welts on their child. I think that's a fair question to ask you, if this is the right guy for this job."

"Brianna, I'm not supporting or opposing people in primary," said Scott. The conversation swiftly jumped to other topics, with Scott saying of Virginia, "They were trying to indoctrinate kids, Terry McAuliffe denied it. It's still on the website," and adding, "Chuck Schumer goes to the floor of the Senate and keeps saying the election laws in this country are unfair."

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Rick Scott CNN interview goes off the rails after Sean Parnell question