Rick Scott blames 'skin color' question on government forms for white supremacy
CBS/screen grab

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) suggested that "racial politics" and government forms could be to blame for white supremacy in the United States.

CBS host Margaret Brennan told Scott during a Sunday interview that a recent poll shows that only 23% of Republicans think it's "very important" to condemn white nationalism.

"Well, clearly, we all ought to condemn any hatred," the senator replied. "And we ought to condemn any white supremacy. We -- I mean, we've got to figure out how to come together."

Scott said that the solution was to "stop all this racial politics."

"In the plan I put out at rescueamerica.com, I said we ought to stop asking people on government forms for their skin color," he opined. "We ought to judge people by their character, not their skin color. So we've got to figure out how to bring people together."

Brennan asked Scott if he would encourage other Republicans to condemn white nationalism.

"I tell people what I believe," Scott replied. "I'm clear. If they ask me, I would say, be clear. Be clear. I mean, we do not believe, none of us -- I don't think Americans should believe in white supremacy or hatred of any kind. I mean, it's wrong."

Watch the video below from CBS.