'Impeachmentpalooza': Rick Wilson previews House Republicans' agenda with control of Congress
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

On Monday, former Republican strategist and Never Trump conservative Rick Wilson took to Twitter to outline what House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and his allies will do with a House majority that experts widely expect them to win in this week's midterm elections.

"Washington's media culture really likes Kevin McCarthy. He's an affable, back-slapping dude. He's easy to have a beer with. He plays the role of the reasonable guy who smirks in private at the MAGA clownshow. We have it from THREE events in the last year that Kevin's pitch to major donors was 'Hey, help me get my people through the primary so we have numbers against the crazies,'" said Wilson. "But for all that private reasonableness and bonhomie, Kevin's majority ... will be majority MAGA."

And that, wrote Wilson, ultimately means that several things will happen under McCarthy's speakership — none of which are likely to do anything productive for the American people.

The first, he wrote, is "Impeachmentpalooza" of multiple Biden administration officials.

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"Kevin will try to hold the line, but Trump will demand it and he'll fold in a hot minute," Wilson predicted. "Gym 'I can't hear the screaming from the locker room' Jordan will preside. Biden, Harris, Blinken, the DHS folks, et al. It's Republican Oprah: 'YOU get an imepachment and YOU get an impeachment!'" They will also hold "TWO YEARS of nonstop Hunter Biden's Laptop horsesh*t ... It will fill the MAGA disinfo channels with ever more lurid madness on which to base their 2024 campaign. Again, Trump will DEMAND it and they will execute on it."

"Fauci isn't going to enjoy retirement, because these goons are going to do an anti-vax passion play with him as the villain. 'Why did you stop us from curing the Vid with bones, faith healing, and horse dewormer?'" Wilson continued. And "Expect the DOJ, FBI, et al to come under withering attack as a way to intimidate the prosecution of Trump and the January 6th terrorists. This is the show that the many of the DC media will both-sides, and the country will suffer for it terribly," along with other investigations into any person who has ever made Trump angry.

If there is any actual "legislation" done at all, wrote Wilson, then "You should also look forward to a hundred DOA bills that are pure trolling. 'Bring Back Leaded Gas Freedom Fuels' 'Nuke The Caravans' 'Build Duh Wall 2024' and so on. They're to feed the maw of the Fox/Facebook ecosystem."

All of this comes as Democrats face additional uncertainty about how to handle a possible lame duck session, with a plethora of items potentially on the agenda from confirming judges to the defense budget to bipartisan legislation updating the Electoral Count Act.