Rick Wilson dares 'weak' Trump to campaign in Virginia in shameless bid to wreck Youngkin's campaign
Rick Wilson (screengrab)

Anti-Trump political strategist Rick Wilson on Wednesday tried baiting the former president to campaign in Virginia in a shameless effort to wreck the bid of GOP gubernatorial hopeful Glenn Youngkin.

Shortly after Trump teased a campaign appearance in Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday afternoon, Wilson took to Twitter and began hurling taunts at Trump with the goal of getting him to make the trip.

"Let's face it. Glenn Youngkin banned Donald Trump from coming to VA," Wilson wrote in one tweet. "Besides, Youngkin is richer than Trump. Thinner than Trump. Better looking than Trump. He doesn't need Trump. Please don't tag Trump family members or MAGA influencers with this tweet. That would be wrong."

Wilson followed that up with a tweet implying that Trump didn't have the intestinal fortitude to campaign for Youngkin.

"Trump is just too weak to come to Virginia," he wrote. "Too politically impotent. Limp. He doesn't have the juice. Maybe he can't even afford it. First, Ron DeSantis cucked Trump, now Glenn Youngkin follows. Again, in their time of mourning, please don't tag MAGA folks with this tweet."

Wilson finished up with a tweet directed at Youngkin himself.

"Hey, Glenn Youngkin… are you going to join Donald Trump when he comes to campaign in Virginia?" he asked. "A simple yes or no will suffice."