'Right Said Fred' singer doubles down on anti-vax stance after being hospitalized with COVID-19

Richard Fairbrass, the 67-year-old singer of the 90s-era London-based English band Right Said Fred, has been hospitalized after contracting COVID-19, The Daily Mail reports.

After being taken to the hospital when he was struggling to breathe, his conditioned improved after four days and he was sent home. But according to MailOnline, his bout with COVID has not dissuaded his vaccine-skeptical ways.

"This vaccine is only for experimental use. I'm absolutely not going to have one now," he reportedly said, doubling down on his views. [The COVID vaccine] is on trial until 2023, there is no long-term data on it -- anyone who takes it is foolish. Come 2023 and everything is fine, I'll do it then. I'm absolutely not going to have one now."

"I've had a bit of Covid, it wasn't too bad," he said. "I was a little breathless, I felt very tired."