Right-wing pastor says Democrats ‘set up’ the Jan. 6 attack to justify another impeachment
Pastor Darrell Scott with Donald Trump (Photo: Darrell Scott social media)

The latest Jan. 6 conspiracy theory comes from far-right Pastor Darrell Scott of New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Newsweek reported Thursday that Scott believes the Jan. 6 insurrection was "set up" by Democrats to justify another impeachment against former President Donald Trump.

This week, the Inspector General released the report on the security failures during the attack are attributed to the "decreased level of readiness" at the Capitol Police.

Still, Scott maintains that the attack was not a "spontaneous" event.

On Jan. 6, Pastor Scott implied that the attack on the Capitol was somehow justified because Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to storm the White House (they didn't). He claimed that the Trump supporters learned their tactics from BLM.