Man caught on video sobbing 'they called me a terrorist' after being booted from flight
Photo: Screen capture

UPDATE: Reports that Trump supporters traveling home from the DC riots were added to the no-fly list turned out to be erroneous. Additionally, it's been revealed that the man was removed from the flight for refusing to wear a mask. Raw Story regrets the error.

Many President Donald Trump supporters made it back to their states if they left quickly following the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. But for those who waited, it appears they're being faced with losing their flights.

A video found on TikTok showed a sobbing man at the airport after being kicked off the flight for refusing to wear a mask.

"This is what they do to us," the man sobbed as he walked past a gate. "They kicked me off the plane. They called me a f*cking terrorist! And they f*ckin' want to ruin my life!"

A woman can be seen approaching him and overheard saying, "Sir, please calm down, I was kicked off of Delta earlier." It's unclear if she was another insurrectionist named from the riot.

See the video below: