California Democrat to be sworn in on Superman comic
Robert Garcia (Photo via Garcia for Congress)

According to a report from the Washington Post, once Republicans settle on an acceptable speaker and newly-elected House members can be sworn in, a California Democrat is skipping using a religious text like the Bible and will instead use a classic and valuable Superman comic.

Rep-elect Robert Garcia, whose campaign website used a Superman-inspired graphic, has chosen to take his oath using a vintage Superman comic from 1939 among other mementos.

The report notes, "Garcia tweeted Tuesday that when he is sworn in, underneath a copy of the Constitution will be three items 'that mean a lot to me personally': 'A photo of my parents who I lost to covid, my citizenship certificate & an original Superman #1,' checked out from the Library of Congress."

The Post also reported, "Although the Superman comic may seem like an outlier among the other documents, Garcia has been outspoken about the deeper meaning behind his fondness for the superhero. When DC Comics confirmed in 2021 that the new Superman was bisexual, Garcia, who is openly gay, said he 'became a Superman fan as a kid because I related to him. An immigrant, a sense of justice, and a secret identity.' (Superman’s story has been described as that of an immigrant’s. In the comics, he comes to the United States from the fictional planet Krypton.)"

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