Trump-loving pastor Robert Jeffress celebrates Heaven as place people can work without 'government regulations'
Pastor Robert Jeffress (left) and President Donald Trump (right). Image via Jeffress' Twitter.

Robert Jeffress, a long-time fan of former President Donald Trump, told The Jim Bakker Show that Heaven was going to be amazing because people could work as much as they want and enjoy it. In Heaven, he explained, there won't be any "government regulations."

"God created us to be workers," said Jeffress. "Work was a gift from God before the fall of Adam and Eve. God meant for us to find fulfillment in our work."

He explained that "in the new Heaven and the new Earth" all of the things that "drain the joy out of our work" like "bodies that grow tired, strained relationships, government regulations, all of those things will be removed and we're going to enjoy work like God intended."

It was oddly specific for Jeffress to single out "strained relationships," but he didn't provide any context.

See the video below: