GOP senator claims 'Kansas is no longer a border state' because of Joe Biden
Fox News/screen grab

Republican Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) suggested over the weekend that President Joe Biden is to blame because "Kansas is no longer a border state."

During an interview on Fox News, Marshall complained that migrants are "stacked up" waiting to enter the United States as soon as pandemic-era Title 42 measures are lifted.

"Joe Biden has to stop sending this signal to everybody," the senator said. "He needs to stop making this a magnet. So this -- when he said, when he announced he was ending Title 42, that was the magnet for the rest of the world."

Marshall asserted that illegal immigration had doubled in the last year.

"And I just want to circle back on one point," he continued. "The ranchers I visited with yesterday on their ranches when President Trump was president, they would see one or two dead bodies per year. They have already found a hundred bodies on one ranch year to date right now."

"This is why this is important to Kansas," Marshall added. "This is why Kansas is no longer a border state."

Kansas has not been a border state in Marshall's lifetime. The senator did not explain his remarks.

Watch the video below from Fox News.