Roger Stone: Jan. 6 was Antifa 'set-up' to persecute 'innocent people engaged in trespassing'
OAN/screen grab

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone this week defended Jan. 6 rioters by claiming that they were "innocent" people who were "set up" by Antifa.

"There is an overwhelming case that will eventually be made that this was a set-up," Stone told OAN on Monday. "Those leading the charge into the building were in fact infiltrated by Antifa. And that, yes, some innocent people engaged in trespassing."

Stone also addressed his decision to refuse to testify when he appeared before the House Select Jan. 6 Committee.

"Read my subpoena," he said. "It tries to give you the impression that the events of Jan. 5th led to or caused the events of Jan. 6. I object to that entirely. I spoke at two legally permitted events."

"When I said I had an apocalyptic view of this struggle, that the struggle that America faces is between good and evil, dark and light, the godly and the godless, those are my religious-based views, those are my Bible-based views," Stone explained.

Watch the video below from OAN.

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