Roger Stone says he pushed pardons for 'all those members of Congress' trying to overturn election
Infowars/screen grab

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone on Thursday confirmed that he had recommended pardons for himself, members of Congress and anyone else "who came forward" with an election challenge.

During an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Stone admitted that he had asked then-President Donald Trump's lawyer for a pardon, confirming a report from The New York Times.

"I foresaw that the Democrats would try to criminalize constitutionally guaranteed First Amendment speech about the outcome of the election," Stone told Jones. "So, yes, I did suggest that all those members of Congress, none of whom I spoke to, who had stood up and challenged the election should be given a pardon."

Stone added: "I also included any other person who came forward, including myself. Yes, I did say that."

"Roger, we know you're innocent," Jones replied.

Watch the video clip below.