Sunny Hostin unleashes on Ron 'DeathSantis' for lying about the COVID deaths in Florida

The women of "The View" slammed Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on Wednesday over his handling of the COVID-19 crisis in his state.

Whoopi Goldberg began the show saying that the state is outright "on fire" with the over-abundance of death.

"He's putting his political ambitions ahead of the safety of children," said Joy Behar. "It's as simple as that really. The way I see it, he should be criminally liable for that. You are actually committing negligent homicide when people die on your watch."

Sara Haines said that the spike in COVID now is coming from children who are being forced to go to unsafe schools that can ultimately kill them.

"There was a time where when you talked about kids, people would say it's not asking kids," she said. "Right now we have 250,000 kids were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past week — 250,000! 30,000 children had to go into the hospitals which means it's a more serious case. So right now I feel like if we can't -- if we can't agree on the very fact it's a health concern or protecting the vulnerable, look at it as an economic concern. We talk about how we wanted everything opened up. The only way we keep businesses and schools open is if we keep people safe."

Guest host former Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) made the case that it isn't up to the community or the schools but the parents are responsible for the public health crisis. Co-host Sunny Hostin didn't agree.

"I think that makes a lot of sense, Mia, when you're talking about private health, but this is a public health crisis," said Hostin, who is married to a physician. "You are talking about a public health issue. That's a very collaborative effort, and unfortunately, we have a lot of people that don't seem to care about you, the person to their left. They don't seem to care about the person to their right. They only care about themselves, and I want to take those decisions away from those people, and I want us to make a decision for everyone."

"One thing I want to say about Gov. DeathSantis in Florida, there was a lot of chatter, you know, from the right talking about how successfully he handled the COVID crisis, and I think that's been a lie from the very beginning. There have been allegations again from the very beginning that Florida misrepresented the COVID-19 data. There was research -- I would like everybody to look it up -- published earlier this year in the American Journal of Public Health that Florida was undercounting and has been undercounting the number of people who have been dying from COVID-19 by thousands and thousands of cases."

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