Trump blows off DeSantis's 'direct plea' to cancel Florida rally in wake of condo collapse: report
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and President Donald Trump (Photo: White House)

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly blowing off a request from a longtime ally to cancel his planned Florida rally.

The Washington Examiner reports that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a "direct plea" to Trump to at least postpone a planned rally in the wake of the collapse of a condominium in the town of Surfside.

One Florida Republican tells the Examiner that Trump needs to "read the room" and understand that now is not the appropriate time for a campaign rally while Floridians are grieving for friends and family members who died in the collapsed building.

However, so far these pleas are falling on deaf ears.

"Nobody wants to cancel," one source described as "close to Trump" tells the publication.

One problem is that Trump's political operation is being led by Susie Wiles, who had a falling out with DeSantis after working on his successful 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

"Because Ron DeSantis doesn't want it, she's gonna make sure it happens," one GOP operative tells the Examiner. "The governor supports the president, but something awful just happened in his state."