Ron DeSantis doesn't 'give a damn' about Floridians' lives: Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson and Ron DeSantis (Photos: Screen capture and Facebook)

Speaking to MSNBC on Tuesday, Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson said that he thinks Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis simply doesn't care about the people dying in his state.

Strangely, DeSantis told one of the worst counties that he was "happy" about the trends. The trends there are increasing in every respect. Once students get into schools the virus will spread among them, sending them to fill up hospital beds.

"I just saw his schedule for tomorrow, no calls with the Department of Health or C.D.C. or hospitals or no calls with county health officials -- nothing!" said Wilson. "He is doing a Ron DeSantis love me tour in the state of Florida. I think it is possible he doesn't give a damn and doesn't care."

Wilson then said that although the stereotype of Florida is of a "crazed, wacky state," he said that past Florida governors from both parties would have handled the crisis differently.

"If it happened during Bob Graham or Jeb Bush or Charlie Crist we would have done it the right way," he said. "We wouldn't have had -- you know they would have done the right thing. No matter if you agree or disagree with them politically. They gave a damn about the people of Florida and they were going to do the right thing. This guy cares about his political future."

The federal government is sending ventilators to Florida hospitals as they're running out. Ron DeSantis claimed didn't know anything about it when the press asked him about it.

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Ron DeSantis doesn't give a damn