'Killing the people in his state': Ex-RNC chair demolishes Ron DeSantis's handling of Florida COVID surge
Fox News screengrab.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was blasted on MSNBC on Monday for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Over the weekend, Florida didn't merely break its single-day COVID-19 case record — the state shattered it, according to numbers reported by the Centers or Disease Control and Prevention Monday," the Miami Herald reports. "The CDC halved the weekend data sent by the state of Florida, 56,633 new cases, and put 28,316 new cases Saturday and 28,317 new cases Sunday. Either number blasts the state past the previous high of 23,903 established on Friday by 18.5%."

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele was interviewed about Republicans and the pandemic on Monday by MSNBC chief legal correspondent Ari Melber.

"The governor of Florida needs to stand down, he is not leading his state, he's killing people in his state," Steele said.

The former RNC chief then hammered DeSantis for turning a deaf ear to the pleas of local health and education officials.

"The fact that parents, school boards, administrators and other officials are now stepping up and saying the scientists, the doctors -— like this good doctor on with us tonight — telling us what to do, and listen to them not for your own sake but for the sake of your grandkids and kids, and not DeSantis or anybody else that is selling you a bill of goods that will lead to your bad health and possible death," he said.


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