John Oliver targets three of the biggest 'failures' among the 2022 candidates
John Oliver (Shutterstock)

John Oliver addressed three candidates running for reelection in 2022 that have adopted a campaign of how not to help the most people, but instead, how much can you hurt the people that your supporters hate the most.

He began with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who has waged war with Disney World because they dared to come out against the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill. The GOP legislature then voted to strip Disney of all of its benefits given by Florida. The problem that the state is now facing is that the deal that was made with Disney is that if Florida ever withdrew from their deal, they would be on the hook for bonds that total about $1 billion.

When asked for a plan about how Florida is going to pay for this decision to dissolve Disney's district, DeSantis' office said, "The governor's office does not have a written plan on how the dissolution will proceed."

"Of course, it doesn't!" exclaimed Oliver. "But look, do I think it's bad that Disney pays more taxes? No, I don't. That would be a good thing. I don't love that it would happen without meaningful tax reform but on the whim of one right-wing dip-sh*t who is scared of gay people and doesn't understand the First Amendment. But, hey, ends — means, what are you going to do?"

Meanwhile, in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) cost his state $4 billion by backing up deliveries through the U.S. and Mexico borders by demanding that trucks undergo additional searches. Abbott decided that the truckers were part of a human smuggling operation. Ultimately, those searches didn't turn up anything illegal, much less any human smuggling.

Abbott's demands also slowed a normal wait of about 35 minutes to get through the U.S. border process to 12 hours or more. They did find some oil leaks and flat tires for the truckers.

Such findings mean "he caused such hellish traffic jam only to do the work of the world's most expensive Jiffy Lube," said Oliver.

Oliver moved on to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, "a potato cowboy" who claims to be a Democrat while using Republican talking points and taking conservative stances on issues. Oliver cited the worst campaign ad he's ever seen in his life that Villanueva is currently running. But the other problem he noted is the overwhelming corruption that has surfaced from Villanueva as he used county resources to go after a reporter he didn't like and block an investigation that could hurt his campaign.

See the video below:

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