Speaker at DeSantis event says Biden 'grabbed' Americans' ivermectin supply to stop them from learning 'it works'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, fresh off promoting a mask-bashing doctor as his surgeon general, held an event today in which a speaker accused the Biden White House of deliberately taking away Americans' supply of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

As reported by Florida Politics, 40-year-old Apollo Beach handyman Charles Craig talked about the purported wonders of several unproven treatments for COVID-19, and he then said that the White House had worked to stop Americans from having access to them.

"To think that they're limiting the access of this is sickening -- it works!" Craig said. "In the beginning, hydroxychloroquine worked. They grabbed it. More recently, ivermectin worked. They grabbed it."

In fact, the Biden White House has not "grabbed" ivermectin, although some feed supply companies have restricted purchases of it because some customers were trying to treat COVID by using horse deworming medicine that happens to contain ivermectin.

Hydroxychloroquine, meanwhile, can still be obtained, although it's fallen out of favor and former President Donald Trump was not treated with the anti-malarial drug after he became hospitalized with COVID-19.

Watch the video below.