Ron DeSantis' radical agenda is 'the death rattle of white supremacy': MSNBC panel
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. (Leonard Zhukovsky /

In a discussion about the Florida "Don't Say Gay" bill, panelists couldn't help but observe the radicalized agenda for America that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has for achieving his own far-right vision.

Host Julian Castro explained that the changing America is moving forward whether the far-right wants to or not.

"As our country makes strides accepting people of all backgrounds, Republicans want to go slam the brakes on that progress," he said. "Last week DeSantis approved a 15-week ban on abortions and no exceptions for rape or incest. There's the so-called 'don't say gay' law, limiting how teachers and students can express themselves in school."

He went on to say that Republicans are going up against Disney after the company reaffirmed its support of LGBTQ+ people.

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali called out DeSantis from the start, saying that his bigotry is just more of the extremist behavior the GOP is known for.

"Yeah, what we are witnessing right now is the death rattle of white supremacy that has become a death march," Ali said. "If you want to see the blueprint for how the GOP wants to achieve the minority rule — and as a minority rule for white Christian men exclusively — then you have to look at Florida. Specifically, they don't care about democracy. They don't care about rule of law. They don't care about rights. They just care about winning and owning the libs. They want to violently hijack this country and take the DeLorean back to 1953."

He listed off some of the things in the Republican agenda like attacking women's rights and refusing to allow women the ability to get an abortion even if she's raped, molested or endured human trafficking. He noted the schools and private companies who are being punished for embracing diversity and equality. Republicans are passing voter suppression laws. The GOP is also banning books that talk about civil rights and equality while intimidating school boards, teachers and anyone "who is not in lockstep with this radicalized vision of America."

"This is the blueprint for the GOP moving forward and DeSantis has raised over $100 million. So, it's successful and we should not discount this."

Former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL) warned that this kind of politics will continue as long as the public continues to reward it. Once the public decides that they support women, equality and people of color and will vote against leaders who endorse these ideas, the GOP will evolve their campaigns or face extinction.

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Ron DeSantis' radical agenda out of touch with mainstream america