Ron Johnson accidentally says 'I condone' white supremacy in 'all-time Freudian slip'
WKBT/screen grab

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) mistakenly said he "condones" white supremacy before correcting himself.

Johnson made the remark during a Tuesday interview on Fox Business.

"When I was chairman of Homeland Security, we would have an annual threat hearing," the senator told host Maria Bartiromo. "My ranking member would always be bringing up white supremacy, which I condone."

Realizing that he had made a mistake, Johnson quickly stuttered out the words, "I condemn."

The clip was shared by an American Bridge researcher, who called the remark an "all-time Freudian slip from Ron Johnson."

Johnson has previously said that he would have been "concerned" if Black Lives Matter stormed the Capitol while calling the Jan. 6 rioters "people that love this country, that truly respect law enforcement."

Watch the video clip below.