'Loser' Ronna McDaniel is still the best RNC chair given the 'MAGA maniac' alternative: former Ted Cruz spokeswoman
Ronna McDaniel on Facebook.

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Ronna McDaniel has not exactly run up a stellar track record of electoral success during her tenure, but former Ted Cruz campaign spokeswoman Amanda Carpenter nonetheless believes that she's the best the GOP has to offer.

Even though the Republicans lost control of the House, Senate, and White House under McDaniel's watch, and even though the GOP gained a historically low number of seats in last month's midterm elections despite having an environment with high inflation and gas prices, McDaniel is still likely to hang on to power.

One reason, Carpenter explains in a new column at The Bulwark, is that the GOP has no plausible challengers outside of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Additionally, Carpenter believes that the party cannot possibly change until it acknowledges that its perpetual obedience to former President Donald Trump and its willingness to back his failed hand-picked candidates are preventing it from decisively winning elections.

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As evidence, she cites a prophetic statement made by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) about poor candidate quality earlier this year that has since been buried for fear of offending the former president and his allies.

"Back in August, McConnell lowered expectations and warned about 'candidate quality,'" she writes. "And then he disappeared behind the curtain. Forget any discussion about how the roster of MAGA maniacs came to have standing in the party. Too touchy! Can’t be too specific; can’t name Trump; might offend his voters!"