Acosta and medical doc say 'former doctor' Ronny Jackson has 'become an embarrassment'
Dr. Ronny Jackson, White House photo by Pete Souza.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) was denounced after tweeting that the new COVID variant was nothing more than an election ploy. Speaking to CNN's Jim Acosta on Sunday, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, said that he doesn't even consider Jackson to be a doctor anymore. He's a "former doctor."

Dr. Reiner, who serves as a professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University, explained that misinformation coming from Jackson is the key reason 50 million Americans continue to refuse to get vaccinated.

"It comes from people like Ronny Jackson, people who doubt the severity of this pandemic, people who have doubted the consequences of not getting vaccinated, people who have doubted the efficacy of masks," he continued. "So now as a new potentially dangerous variant is identified, you see this anti-science coming from a former doctor. I call him 'former doctor' because that's how he behaves. He behaves as a former doctor."

Acosta jumped in saying, that such a comment isn't typical for people like Dr. Reiner. Doctors don't generally trash their colleagues.

Dr. Reiner noted that Jackson is the kind of conspiracy theorist who called former President Barack Obama "a deep state traitor" when Obama was serving as his commander in chief at the time. Obama was also the president who promoted Jackson to a "flag rank." So, if Jackson is going to make such complaints about Obama, he certainly accepted promotions from the person he purports to hate so much.

"We're still dealing with disinformation," said Acosta. "That's probably the biggest threat out there right now." He went on to say that Jackson has become "the doctor of disinformation for the far right."

"I mean, he's betrayed so much. He's become an embarrassment," Acosta closed.

See the video below:

Humiliation of Ronny Jackson