Former Trump official and new congressman would drink, take Ambien and make sexual advances on the job: report
Dr. Ronny Jackson (Screenshot)

While working at the Pentagon, Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson would drink while working, take Ambien and make sexual advances to staffers, the inspector general reported Tuesday, according to CNN.

Jackson, who has since been elected as a Republican Congressman for Texas, came under scrutiny after he was characterized as the "candy man" for "doling out pills" to White House staff, Vanity Fair reported in 2019.

"The findings outlined in the report, which was obtained by CNN prior to its expected release on Wednesday, stem from a years-long IG investigation into Jackson -- who currently represents Texas in the House of Representatives -- that was launched in 2018 and examines allegations that date back to his time serving during the Obama and Trump administrations," said CNN.

Jackson told CNN that the report "was politically motivated" in a statement. He also said that the inspector general "resurrected" previous allegations against him because he refused to "turn my back on President (Donald) Trump."

Jackson also told CNN that he rejects "any allegation that I consumed alcohol while on duty."

The inspector general interviewed 78 people at the Pentagon for the report.

His explosive temper and reports of him creating a hostile work environment are throughout the report said CNN.

They were cited by an "overwhelming majority of witnesses (56) ... who worked with RDML Jackson from 2012 through 2018 told us they personally experienced, saw, or heard about him yelling, screaming, cursing, or belittling subordinates," the report says.

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