Marco Rubio pummeled for quoting the Bible at the worst possible time
Senator Marco Rubio speaks to the American Enterprise Institute (AFP)

In the same week that he railed and voted against providing needed aid to millions who are suffering, Senator Marco Rubio decided this would be a good opportunity to pass along a little Scripture about returning to the Lord.

It didn't work out so well.

Rubio brought out the creativity in lots of indignant Twitter posters who weren't resting on the Sabbath when it came to pointing out his hypocrisy. The Florida senator had passed along his message beneath a strange partisan rant threatening that he wouldn't give Amazon tax breaks and allow it to abuse workers. His implied reason: to retaliate politically against the corporate giant -- not for some policy reason, but rather because Amazon had become too "woke."

Besides missing an important point that Amazon needs reining in for a lot better reasons than his absurd grievances, Rubio also overlooked an important Biblical teaching:

"If thou shalt invoke My Name in the same fortnight that thou hath denied a helping hand to the poor and needy to smite a mighty plague of disease, thou art asking for trouble."

Here's Rubio's Tweet:

Here are some of the finer points that came forth in the responsive reading to Rubio's post:

  • Do not have supported vast tax cuts for the rich and then try to sound like a far-left populist when it comes to one corporate giant that made you mad.
  • Do not even think about toting passages from the Bible on social media right after voting to oppose COVID relief, the minimum wage and health care for the poor.
  • Be prepared to support future increased taxation on all corporate giants and unionization of their workforces -- along with better wages -- if that's what you're preaching in the name of the Lord for this one.
  • Don't be a hypocrite.
  • Don't insult people's intelligence.
  • "Beware of those with a mouth full of scripture and a heart fill of hate."
  • "Nobody thinks Amazon is woke. Nobody."

Here's a sampling of the Tweets that Rubio teed up with his utter lack shame and self-awareness: