Since Russia invaded Ukraine, residents of Washington, D.C. have been using their own tactics to show their displeasure with Russia's unprovoked attack. Wednesday night, activists took it up a notch and targeted the Russian Embassy.

Last month, activists replaced the street sign outside of the embassy with one saying "Zelensky Way." In 2018, D.C.'s city council voted to rename a section of the street officially. Instead of Wisconsin Avenue, it became Boris Nemtsov Place. Nemtsov was a critic of Putin's who was murdered three years before.

On Wednesday night, activists projected the Ukrainian flag onto the Russian Embassy building. The embassy has been cloaked in the Russian flag's white, red and blue stripes. Then the small Ukrainian flag appeared. The staff apparently rushed to try and wash out the projection with a white spotlight, and that's when things got funny.

The video shows the pro-Ukraine projection moving around the building as the Russian spotlight appears to chase it. It ended up looking like a cat-and-mouse game emblematic of Russia's struggle to bring down Ukraine.

The Wall Street Journal reported in early March that Putin thought the invasion would be an easy one. He reportedly believed that the Ukrainian people wanted to be part of Russia and would not put up a fight.

See the video of the embassy chase below:

Ukraine flag projected on Russian embassy — Russia tried to respond and hilarity ensued