Russian state-funded media director calls for Ukrainian children to be burned or drowned
Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a speech at the Kremlin in Moscow on September 30, 2022. (Photo: Grigory Sysoyev/SPUTNIK/AFP)

The Daily Beast's Julia Davis has been monitoring Russian state media and analyzing Russian media for years, only to reveal some of the more startling aspects of what Russian people hear throughout the invasion of Ukrainian in Crimea and now the country as a whole.

Davis posted another startling video, this time of Russian state-funded RT media director of broadcasting Anton Krasovsky. In an interview, Krasovsky suggested drowning or burning Ukrainian children. The comments have been part of the Russian attacks on Ukraine since the beginning. Supporters of Russia have suggested genocide, and have specifically mentioned children because they hope to end the future of the Ukraine people.

At the same time, Krasovsky commented on the reports that Russian soldiers have gone through towns brutally raping mothers while their children watch. While these reports are blowing up now, they were being reported as early as April 2022 and led to the U.S. and United Nations sending in investigators to uncover if Russia had committed war crimes.

As one woman in April told the BBC, she was raped and her husband murdered. She said her husband tried to run after her to save her and that was when he was killed.

"God, those grannies would spend their burial savings to get raped by Russian soldiers," said Krasovsky.

See the video below: