Russian media uses Tucker Carlson to make propaganda about white Americans being subjected to 'mass humiliation'
Tucker Carlson (Screengrab)

Russian propagandists see a new opportunity to reach out to supporters of former President Donald Trump by pitching their country as the last refuge for besieged white people.

The Daily Beast's Julia Davis reports that the Kremlin appears intent on "turning Russia into the land of ultimate political incorrectness, the world's anti-woke capital" where aggrieved conservatives can escape to feel "normal" again.

Russian propagandists have found that Fox News host Tucker Carlson is particularly useful to their initiative, as his show portrays white Americans as under dire and persistent threat from minorities.

"Russia's approach to courting Trump supporters has proven to be quite simple: to appeal to their belief that so-called 'political correctness' threatens their livelihoods and even their future," reports Davis. "In coming up with their tactics, pro-Kremlin propagandists rely quite heavily on the material pumped out by Fox News, with clips featuring Tucker Carlson regularly appearing on Russia's most popular state TV programs."

Davis notes that Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of state media outlet RT, recently claimed that "Russia is becoming the last refuge of a normal person" to escape from "totalitarian liberal fascism."

As for what Simonyan means by Russia being a refuge for "normal" people, Davis writes that another program recently claimed "that white people in America are being 'shamed' and subjected to 'mass humiliation,'" while again using footage of Carlson as evidence.