Soldiers' mothers say Putin's men beat and tricked their sons into war with Ukraine: report

Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, a non-government Russian organization that reports human rights violations, is claiming that Vladimir Putin's officials beat and tricked their own military soldiers in an effort to get them to invade Ukraine.

The Daily Beast reported the group is working on a complaint for the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office saying that their sons who recently joined were told they were going to the border for "drills." Their contracts were then immediately changed and the young men were moved into a war.

“They are switching entire regiments to contract [soldiers,] although the guys did not submit any formal requests for this, and took no such initiative. There are instances of physical violence, and beatings of those who refuse to become contract soldiers," said the group's deputy chair Andrei Kurochkin. "And after that it’s completely unknown [what happens to them], because they take away their phones. We've had a flurry of calls from scared mothers all over Russia. They are crying, they don’t know if their children are alive or healthy."

He went on to call it "complete catastrophe."

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“If there is a war, then professionals should deal with it, and not untrained ‘green’ guys,” Kurochkin said.

Two soldiers have already been captured, according to the Ukrainian government. Ukraine's Defense Ministry also said that the Russian soldiers had suffered losses.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace released footage of mobile crematoriums used to hide the sight of dead Russian soldiers from the world. He said they completely "evaporate" the bodies.

Read the full report at the Daily Beast.