Expert: Russian state TV desperately hoping for Trump to beat Biden in 2024 — and save them from crushing Ukraine sanctions
Anatoly Maltsev for AFP

On Thursday, The Daily Beast reported that Russian state TV has increasingly taken to longing for former President Donald Trump to escape all of his legal woes and defeat President Joe Biden to take office once again in 2024.

In fact, according to the article, propagandists on Russian stations are speculating it could be the only way to escape the Western sanctions destroying their economy in retaliation for the war against Ukraine.

"Following years of doubt and fears that Trump would face criminal repercussions for his unwillingness to accept defeat in presidential elections, Russian experts are now firmly convinced that their favorite candidate will come through unscathed — despite being 'lynched,' as they put it, by the January 6 Committee," reported Julia Davis. "Appearing on Tuesday’s broadcast of The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov, Americanist Dmitry Drobnitsky noted: 'Despite [Trump’s] looks and various criticisms of him, he is the most acceptable politician in today’s world — as well as a couple of Republicans.'"

"During Wednesday’s live broadcast The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov, host Vladimir Solovyov — who recently spent time in meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin — detailed the only semi-plausible scenario of Moscow eventually escaping consequences for invading Ukraine," said the report. "Solovyov said, 'I liked it a lot when the White House said, 'We have no opportunity to talk. Throw us a pass so that we’ll want to talk to you.' And we say, 'We don’t want to. Maybe you want to talk, but we don’t. We don’t want to take any steps towards you. We’ll wait for Trump.'"

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“Trump is a beaut," Solovyov added, saying, "I’m deeply convinced that if there was Trump, there wouldn’t be a February 24." February 24 was the day the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

Trump, who famously was boosted in 2016 by Russian efforts to interfere in the election, has repeatedly shown a lack of interest in defending Ukrainian sovereignty against Russian aggression. He called the 2014 Russian invasion of Crimea "so smart," and tried to extort political dirt on the Biden family out of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, leading to his first impeachment.