'Sad and pathetic' CNN's Anderson Cooper mocks Trump milling around Mar-a-Lago thinking up new election lies
President Donald Trump golfing (Twitter)

CNN host Anderson Cooper attacked President Donald Trump Tuesday for continuing to spread his dangerous lie that he won the 2020 election.

He started off his show saying that new voter suppression laws are being called out by current President Joe Biden. While Trump's spread of the "Big Lie" has taken over the reality for Republican voters, a new Trump conspiracy is that he'll return to office in August. According to the New York Times' Maggie Haberman, Trump has told many of his confidants that it's happening at the end of the summer.

"The new laws they are pushing are based on the election lies still being told by the former president and we got word that the man in Mar-a-Lago has word he will soon return to office," said Cooper. "Trump has been telling a number of people he expects he will be reinstated by August. Keep in mind, there is no such thing as a former president being reinstated and even if there was, he won't be. The image of a former president milling around in his Florida club talking endlessly to anyone about phony election results and imaginary ballots is rather sad and pathetic. But it is more than that. It has real-world consequences. Republican politicians in Congress and state legislatures across the country hoping to be noticed, perhaps, by the former president, are trying to enact laws based on his lies. Limiting voting. Curtailing investigation into the insurrection. Some followers of the president, like former three-star Gen. Michael Flynn, now selling QAnon merchandise online and repeating QAnon favored slogans at times, seems to supports a coup against President Biden."

Cooper showed the video of Flynn saying that a coup can and should happen in the United States. He noted that Flynn is now trying to gaslight people into believing that he never said what he was filmed saying.

See the Cooper take below:

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