Dad turns in son wanted for gang-related shooting of kids aged 13 and 14: report

The suspect in a shooting of two teenagers was turned in by his father, KUTV reported Saturday.

"New details emerge in the Sandy, Utah case where an 18-year-old male is accused of shooting two children, ages 13 and 14, while they were walking down 8800 S. on April 16.

A probable cause statement reveals that the parents of Tyson Connor Rocco helped police track down their son, who police say is a member of the Norteños gang. In January, 2News reported on a gang-related incident involving Rocco where he and three other alleged gang members approached an employee in a Smith's grocery store and began throwing canned food at the employee," the network reported.

Police say the 14-year-old victim is a "known associate" of Florencia 13, a rival gang.

The victims told police they had exited a TRAX train at the Historic Sandy Station and were walking to a friend's house when Rocco, who they did not know, pulled up in a silver Volkswagen Jetta and asked them; 'Where you from?' As the teens began to run away, they say someone in the vehicle started shooting at them. The 14-year-old victim was shot in the left thigh and ankle, and the younger boy was shot in the right hand. The boys ran into a nearby daycare center and called 911," the network reported.

Then the alleged shooter's parents got involved.

"The day after the shooting, Rocco's father got a call from his daughter, who told him about the phone call she got from Rocco. Shortly after getting the call from his daughter, Rocco's father saw a news article about the shooting, leading him to think his son might be involved.

The father reached out to Rocco, who 'explained he was in trouble with the police and people and would not talk about it over the phone,' the PC statement states. Rocco's father then went to the Sandy City Police Station and told officers he believed his son was involved in the shooting. He also told them his son had left his home a little more than an hour before the shooting happened," the station reported. "Rocco's father then took police to an apartment where he thought his son would be, but he was not there. A police officer then called Rocco and said he needed to talk to him. Rocco said he would be back to the apartment in 45 minutes, however, he showed up at the apartment shortly after the phone call ended. He was then taken into custody."

Rocco is facing three felony charges with gang enhancements.