Trump fake elector was visited by FBI — but still may be ousted for not election denying enough: report
Allegheny County Council photo.

The top Republican in Pittsburg is being challenged for not doing enough to act on Donald Trump's debunked lies of election fraud, the local public radio station reported Thursday.

"Allegheny County Democrats, anxious about an election in which Republicans are expected to make big gains, can take a small bit of comfort in this: It’s not all fun and games on the other side, as the county’s top Republican faces an two-headed insurgency within his own party," WESA reported. "This weekend, Republican party members will vote on the GOP leadership in Allegheny County, whose 262,000 registered Republicans make up the state's largest concentration of GOP voters. Republican Committee of Allegheny County Chair Sam DeMarco is facing two challengers — and an increasingly vocal faction that says he hasn’t done enough to address Republican claims of voter fraud."

DeMarco serves as an Allegheny County Councilman at-large and chairs the Pennsylvania GOP's southwest caucus.

“The Democratic Party is imploding [but] rather than being able to take advantage of this in a critical election year, our folks decide to say, ‘Hey, hold my beer,’” DeMarco lamented.

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DeMarco was one of seven current officeholders among the 84 Trump supporters that signed on to fake elector slates as part of an effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election, which was won by Joe Biden.

“I had an FBI visit because I stood up for our party and our former president. I don't know that they stopped at any of these other folks’ house," he said.

DeMarco is being challenged by former Republican Committee of Allegheny County executive director Kevin Tatulyan and Richland Township Committee Chair Doug Austin.

The public radio station asked why DeMarco did not do more to investigate the debunked allegations of polling irregularities.

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“What do I look like, Columbo?” he asked. “Your audience will probably be overjoyed to hear that there are as many problems in the Republican Party as there are in the Democrat Party.”

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