Video catches Texas cops dragging screaming Black man across the road

A horrifying video was just released showing a San Antonio Police Department detective dragging a Black man down the street while handcuffed, reported KSAT News.

The department released a statement saying that they had suspended Det. David Pantoja for 20 days and he's already back to work. The incident happened just after 3 p.m. on Jan. 30 and the investigation took six months.

The video shows Pantoja dragging the handcuffed man screaming. The officer then refused to provide any medical help, the investigation showed. The report claimed that the man was "unnecessarily dragged."

"Pantoja and another officer, later identified by officials as Robert Ferguson, were seen dragging the man, Joshua Coney, by his handcuffed arms as Coney faced away from them, Pantoja's suspension paperwork states," according to the report. Ferguson was suspended for six days for his connection to the issue.

Pantoja then invented a misdemeanor citation for "failure to ID," from the incident which isn't "a citable offense," the records explained.

"Detective Pantoja did not thoroughly understand the laws and ordinances which he was charged with enforcing when he issued the citation in question," the suspension paperwork claims. Although, Pantoja has worked for the SAPD since 1996, so it's unclear how he was promoted to detective if he "did not thoroughly understand the laws."

Pantoja claimed that they were forced to drag the man because he "made his body go limp." He then said that Coney "attempted to place both of his legs under the rear of my patrol vehicle to appear as if he had been run over by the police vehicle."

See the video below:

Video shows San Antonio police officers dragging handcuffed man