Sarah Huckabee Sanders caught with blatant lie in her op-ed about COVID vaccine
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders (Screenshot)

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was often criticized for lying to the press so many times that PolitiFact lists her false claim rate at 66 percent. After her tenure in the White House, Vanity Fair also crafted a list of some of her most egregious lies.

So it isn't surprising that in her latest op-ed, she continued the trend. Writing for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Sanders falsely claimed that Vice President Kamala Harris said that she would never take a vaccine that former President Donald Trump created. She sang the praises of the vaccine that many Trump supporters have refused to get and complained that Trump isn't getting enough credit for fast-tracking the vaccine people complain they won't take because it was fast-tracked.

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood explained that Sanders was mischaracterizing what Harris said. In fact, Harris said that she wouldn't take a vaccine on just Trump's word. She explained that she trusted Dr. Anthony Fauci to sign off on the vaccine. He did. So, Harris took the vaccine.

It's in the video below Harwood's tweet.