'Numerous' Saudi Arabia officials implicated in newly-released FBI report: 9/11 Families United
A hijacked commercial plane approaches the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 20001

The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Saturday released formerly secret information on Saudi Arabia and the 9/11 terrorist attacks following the issuing of an executive order from President Joe Biden.

The group 9/11 Families United released a statement after the FBI posted a 17-page PDF online.

"Even with the unfortunate number of redactions, the report contains a host of bombshell new revelations, implicating numerous Saudi government officials, in a coordinated effort to mobilize an essential support network for the first arriving 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Mihdhar. The range of contacts at critical moments among these Saudi government officials, al-Qaeda and the hijackers is stunning," the group wrote.

"This report and other evidence confirms that it was a group of Saudi government officials affiliated with the Kingdom's Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the cradle of Wahhabi extremism within the Saudi government, who came immediately to their aid as they commenced their terrorist preparations," the group said.

Terry Strada, whose husband, Tom, was killed in the World Trade Center, urged the House of Saud to take responsibility.

"Twenty years ago today they murdered our loved ones and inflicted immeasurable pain and suffering on our lives," Strada said. "Now the Saudis' secrets are exposed and it is well past time for the Kingdom to own up to its officials' roles in murdering thousands on American soil."