Scathing editorial torches Republicans for becoming 'an increasingly radicalized, weaponized, and fascist entity'
President Donald Trump. (Official White House photograph)

Confederates may have lost the Civil War back in the 1800s but, according to a new Daily Beast editorial, it appears they are on the road to victory when it comes to the present-day, intraparty war with the Republican Party. The piece highlights the evolution of a new disturbing breed of lawmakers and politicians within the Republican Party.

Describing the Republican Party's rising "heroes" as "killers, kooks, and creeps," Wajahat Ali, Beast editor and Senior Fellow at The Western States Center, details the blind support of former President Donald Trump's Big Lie and how it may not only impact the political party but U.S. government in its entirety.

According to Ali, "we are witnessing the end of a long molting process as the GOP slithers into its final form: a counter-majoritarian, fascist entity."

Those who were once silently supportive of far-right ideologies are now "shedding their masks and hoods, spitting out their dog whistles" as the party's Trumpists, racists, conspiracy theorists, and violent insurrectionists are increasingly gaining representation in Congress.

While Trump may no longer be walking the halls of the White House, that has not stopped his agenda as many an overwhelming number of Republican leaders and lawmakers are still out to do his dirty work. The former disgraced president's influence, alone, is enough for his supporters to continue down the path he paved.

"Trump was not a cancerous growth but the end product of the party's decades-long molting process. He's the beating heart. He's Republicans' orange avatar, their unrestrained ID, their boiling, festering rage that quenches its appetites while securing power and wealth by any means necessary," he wrote, later adding, "Just because Trump is golfing in Mar-a-Lago instead of rage-tweeting from the White House, doesn't mean the threat has been removed. His tactics and tantrums have merely been picked up and copied by Republicans desperate to ride the same strategy to power in 2022 and 2024, perhaps with less sensationalism and fanfare."

With the path Republicans are embarking on, the party appears to be in what is described as "the final molting stage," which consists of "an increasingly radicalized, weaponized, and fascist entity."