School board member censured after calling Black leaders 'slave masters' touts having a 'Biblical worldview'

The Tacoma News Tribune is reporting that Paul Wagemann, a board member of the Clover Park School District in Lakewood, Washington, touted his "Biblical worldview" after being censured for repeated racist hostilities against a Black superintendent.

"The censure came following an independent investigation into Wagemann after Superintendent Ron Banner filed a complaint in February," said the report. "That complaint listed numerous incidents in which Banner, who is Black, said he was subjected to racist, bullying and intimidating tactics by Wagemann, who is white ... The investigation substantiated many of the claims and determined that Wagemann had been in violation of the district’s equity policy, which aims to eliminate racial disparities in the district, though some people, including Wagemann, have criticized it."

Among the findings of the report, Wagemann told his staff that it is part of Black "culture" to call women "b*tches," and said in an email that the district's equity and diversity officers were "race pimps" and that Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were "slave masters."

"Board member David Anderson wanted Wagemann to have a public hearing on the censure and introduced a motion to postpone it. The motion was voted down," said the report. "Wagemann, in his response to the pending censure, said he has a 'Biblical worldview.' He then recited the preamble of the U.S. Constitution. Any comments he made to or about Banner were in relationship to the superintendent’s job performance, Wagemann said."

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Wagemann is one of a number of school board members around the country who has been mired in controversy for racist statements.

Another recent case involved Eric Whitfield, a member of the Jacksonville, North Carolina school board who claimed that a local civil rights leader "controls the ignorant darkies." He was recently removed from office after a conviction for cyberstalking.