Fox News host offers a bizarre method for defunding schools: 'Let kids choose' how it's spent
Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Former Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy came up with what was heralded as a genius solution to funding public schools. The conversation has taken off among conservatives who have been triggered over the past year by schools teaching about Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and other Civil Rights leaders.

Duffy's solution is to let children decide.

"We need to send our money to our kids and let our kids choose," said Duffy. "Stop giving money to school districts and force us to go to those districts. That's how we save education in America."

"Here, here," said contributor Raymond Arroyo.

Children, who can't even vote until they turn 18-years-old, often support issues like soda, candy, recess, video games, a homework ban and classes that kids would rather take than things like math or spelling.

Schools generally come under local control, with the majority of the community deciding the regulations of issues. Some communities give considerably more funding to public schools than others and have higher standards beyond state mandates.

See the exchange below:

Let kids choose how to spend school funds