Scientology's leader goes missing as lawyers try to serve him with human trafficking suit
Scientology leader David Miscavige official portrait (

Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige is allegedly trying to dodge lawyers who are trying to serve him in a trafficking lawsuit, the lawyers say.

TMZ reports that Miscavige "eluded process servers a whopping 27 times" at Scientology offices in Los Angeles, California, and Clearwater, Florida. Staffer at both locations reportedly keep refusing to accept the suit, saying they have no idea where Miscavige is.

The suit is brought by three former members of Scientology's Sea Org, alleging that they were forced into the church as kids and forced to work into adulthood for low wages.

“Miscavige cannot be permitted to continue his gamesmanship" -- and a federal judge says she will soon decide whether Miscavige can be considered officially served," one of the plaintiff's lawyers said last month.

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"What's weird about Miscavige's alleged disappearance is that some people believe his wife, Shelly, has also vanished. She was reported missing in 2013 by ex-Scientologist Leah Remini, who is one of the org's chief critics," TMZ's report stated. "The police report said Shelly hadn't been seen since August 2007, but her lawyer issued a 2012 statement, saying, 'Any reports [Shelly] is missing are false.'"

Scientology sent a statement to TMZ saying the suit against Miscavige "is nothing but a money shakedown. The allegations are scurrilous, ridiculous and blatantly false. The lawsuit is both a sham and a scam."