Actor Scott Baio destroyed for claim publicly-traded company Costco is illegally mandating masks
Scott Baio (YouTube)

Far-right actor Scott Baio went after Costco after a slew of conservative anti-maskers threw fits shopping over the weekend. The CDC released a statement late last week where it said it was lifting the mask mandate for those who have been vaccinated. It caused a serious problem, however. How can anyone know whether another person is vaccinated or not?

It's for that reason that many businesses are still demanding that masks be worn in their businesses. Costco was one of them, sending Baio into a fit of rage, firing off tweets about the incident.

Comedian Christopher Titus replied noting that the company is a private company and can set whatever rules they want.

Baio responded by calling Titus a "dumbell" because Costco is a publicly-traded company. Mistakenly believing that publicly traded means the same thing as government-owned.

Public companies don't mean that the country owns them. It means that the ownership of the company is shared among stocks theoretically available to anyone who wants to purchase the shares.

All companies are private companies that can make their own rules like "no shoes, no shirt, no service" or "no gay wedding cakes."

See the mockery below: