​Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN)
Photo: Facebook

Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN), a physician, has been very quiet over the past week since the Supreme Court eliminated a woman's right to privacy over her healthcare.

As the Daily Beast recalls, DesJarlais is the Republican official whose ex-wife had two abortions and he demanded his mistress to have an abortion. Yet, he maintains he's 100 percent pro-life.

Politico awarded him in 2014 "the biggest hypocrite in Congress" award, pointing to his scandal-plagued life that should have ended any other political career.

In 2012, the rumors began about the affairs the congressman had with co-workers and patients that were well documented in his divorce. He ultimately fell under an ethics investigation after pressuring a patient to go to Georgia to abort the pregnancy he caused.

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"DesJarlais claims he was trying to get her to admit she wasn’t really pregnant," Politico reported. It turns out she was actually pregnant. "DesJarlais’ lawyers fought the file’s release, even though it was a public record. The day before the election, they and Democratic attorneys still were arguing in a Chattanooga courtroom over how fast the documents could be transcribed. DesJarlais lost the case, but the ruling came too late for the voters. Tennesseans didn’t learn the full extent of his behavior until after their ballots had been cast."

Since then, the voters in the state don't seem to care about his hypocrisy, his affairs, his ethics investigations or that he's been fined by the medical boards for misconduct.

Some officials simply don't post on social media that much. But DesJarlais has remained silent on Facebook and Twitter since the announcement. He also hasn't published any statements from his office or been quoted in any local or national news publications for the past week. It's as if the entire office pinned a "Gone Fishing" sign to the digital office door.

The Beast speculated, "it just might be that DesJarlais isn’t exactly the best messenger" when it comes to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Read the full comments at the Daily Beast.

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