The first January 6th defendant sentenced for violence against police will spend 41 months in federal prison, CNN reported Wednesday.

New Jersey gym owner and former mixed martial arts fighter Scott Fairlamb pleaded guilty in August to assaulting a federal officer and obstructing an official proceeding.

"I truly regret my actions that day. I have nothing but remorse," Fairlamb told the judge.

Although Fairlamb pleaded guilty to two counts, he had been charged with as many as a dozen crimes.

"His sentence will likely set an early benchmark for how harshly rioters charged with violence may be punished and ushers in a new phase of the Capitol riot cases, which so far have only had non-violent defendants sentenced largely to no jail time," CNN reported. "Prosecutors allege that Fairlamb was one of the first rioters inside the Senate side of the building."

Fairlamb reported cursed at police in addition to the assault.

'You have no idea what the f*ck you're doing," he was captured by body camera footage saying.

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Capitol rioter who punched police officer gets 41-months in prison – harshest sentence