J6 summary alleges Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry colluded with Jeffrey Clark
Scott Perry for Congress on Facebook.

WASHINGTON – The Jan. 6 committee unveiled explosive new evidence about the role Freedom Caucus Chair Scott Perry played in assisting Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election results by any means necessary.

“‘11 days to 1/6 . . . We gotta get going!,’” he texted Mark Meadows, who chaired the Freedom Caucus before Trump named him chief of staff, in the lead up to the insurrection.

The committee alleges Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican, colluded with Trump Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark “regarding the stolen election claims.”

“Perry was working with Clark and with President Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows with this goal: to enlist Clark to reverse the Department of Justice’s findings regarding the election and help overturn the election outcome,” the long-awaited report reads.

In the lead-up to Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally, on December 26th and December 28th, Perry “sent multiple text messages to Meadows” pushing the president’s hand to elevate Clark within the DOJ.

That earned Clark a rebuke.

“Acting Attorney General Rosen first learned about Clark’s contact with President Trump in a call on Christmas Eve. On that call, President Trump mentioned Clark to Rosen, who was surprised to learn that Trump knew Clark and had met with him. Rosen later confronted Clark about the contact,” the J6 report reads. “Clark’s contact with President Trump violated both Justice Department and White House policies designed to prevent political pressure on the Department.”

Still, Clark, Perry, and the then-president were undeterred by their flagrant violations of their oaths as understood by the nation’s top lawyer.

“…he nevertheless continued to work and meet secretly with President Trump and Congressman Perry,” the committee found. “Less than five days after assuring Rosen that he would comply with the Department’s White House contacts policy, Clark told Rosen and Donoghue that he had again violated that policy.”