Fox News' Sean Duffy gets tripped up after guest reminds him of Trump's multiple Mar-a-Lago vacations
Sean Duffy appears on CNN (screen grab)

During a back-and-forth on Fox News' The Faulkner Focus, the theme of the segment centered around the less-than-stellar job ratings of President Joe Biden amid reports that he's on pace to have the most vacation days of any other U.S. president, including Donald Trump.

This prompted liberal author Jenna Arnold to bring up to her co-panelist Sean Duffy former President Donald Trump's multiple trips to Mar-a-Lago during his presidency.

"Sean, I'm so interested and curious as to why you skipped over Donald Trump's 298 trips to Mar-a-Lago that cost tax payers $3.4 million and all that money went right back to his golf courses," Arnold said.

Duffy tried his best to come up with an answer.

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"Yeah sure, absolutely -- so you look at Donald Trump, he had -- he did take a lot of vacations, but he was working for -- I called him when he was on the golf course, myself as a U.S. Congressman," Duffy replied. "He was engaged the whole time, he was also moving, shaking -- and by the way, Jenna, the results are staggering. What Donald Trump did, from wherever he was at, was great for the American people. Joe Biden, wherever he's at, is failing the American people. That's the end result, so talk about that, Jenna. What has he done for the American people."

Watch the video below: