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Photo: DoD Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. Pineiro/Released

Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig literally wrote the book on the behind-the-scenes world of the U.S Secret Service. During an appearance Monday on MSNBC, she said that Secret Service agents were eager to testify before the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack.

"The Secret Service agents, I'm told, want to testify," Leonnig said of what she called a "big mess" for the department. "The ones who are allegedly in the car or providing information to Cassidy Hutchinson on the day of Jan. 6th when President Trump was then alleged to have lunged at his Secret Service detail leader -- the agent in charge of his life -- and to have lunged toward the steering wheel.

"The story that Cassidy Hutchinson said was provided to her he has denied to his supervisors and both of them, the detail leader and Tony Ornato, the White House deputy chief of staff, have offered to testify and come before the committee again. But the DHS is negotiating the terms for that presentation and the committee and they are discussing this."

She explained that it isn't something the committee is focusing a lot on because there's no specific date and they're looking more toward the hearing on Thursday until they get some certainty from DHS on follow-up testimony from the agents.

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"It's also problematic because you know, if both of these individuals, both of these Secret Service personnel say, 'we didn't say what Cassidy said. We didn't see what Cassidy said,' it's a he said/she said mess," said Leonnig. "Tonight, the Secret Service is from all of its teams putting together emails, metadata, and the texts that they tried to comply with the subpoena from the Jan. 6th committee. We don't know what will be in that totality."

"In fact some of my sources that are involved in getting briefed in what's in that basket of compliant, responsive material — they don't know the totality of it yet. But I promise you as soon as we know we will let you know and I would warn that there will be a lot of missing texts where we just don't know what someone said unless another person steps forward and says, you know, I was on a text string with a Secret Service agent and here it is. A lot of them are going to be missing."

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