Secret Service may be too close to Trump — and they might even be co-conspirators: impeachment lawyer
United States Secret Service on Facebook.

Former impeachment lawyer and White House ethics czar Norm Eisen speculated whether there were Secret Service agents who are part of Donald Trump's plot to overthrow the government.

Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Eisen said that his questions go deeper than just the text messages but about the alliances that the law enforcement agents have with the former president.

"I think that the questions have a larger significance than just whether texts were lost or not," he began. "I'm more concerned that after Cassidy Hutchinson testified, after the blockbuster testimony about Donald Trump's anger that he couldn't go to the Capitol, that some in the Secret Service seem to be part of an anonymous whisper campaign disagreeing with her story. Mr. [Anthony] Ornato, Mr. [Bobby] Engel. And then you find out there have been other witnesses who have come forward and pushed back on that, including a member of the MPD. And now we find out that documents may be missing from the critical days of the 5th and the 6th."

He went on to explain that the committee should be looking into possible legal issues and obstruction of justice charges.

"Was there any intentional effort to obstruct justice here as part of Donald Trump's Secret Service agents being too close to Donald Trump? We don't know the answer, but that needs to get a hard look from the service, from congress, and from the Department of Justice," he said.

Eisen went on to say that he thinks the committee will get to the bottom of what happened and that the DOJ will take a deeper look into a pattern of behavior. That will likely include "the Secret Service agents who may have been a little too close to Mr. Trump. Were they part of an effort to intimidate Cassidy Hutchinson? We need answers on the lost documents and on the behavior of these individuals."

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Secret Service may be too close to Trump — and they might even be co-conspirators: Eisen