CNN pulls back the curtain on anti-fornication candidate backed by Trump to run Michigan elections
Kristina Karamo. (Facebook photo)

On CNN Tuesday, reporter Sara Murray profiled Kristina Karamo — a Trump endorsed candidate for Michigan secretary of state, who has rubbed shoulders with the QAnon movement and promoted Trump's "Big Lie" about the 2020 presidential election.

"A vocal critic of elections now wants to be in charge of them," said Murray. "Kristina Karamo has not been shy in insisting there was widespread cheating in the 2020 vote, touting debunked claims and saying Donald Trump was the true winner in Michigan."

"It is not right that hundreds of thousands of votes are allowed to be considered as lawful votes when we know they are illegal," said Karamo in a clip.

Murray went on to document how Karamo had made unsubstantiated claims after the 2020 election that she witnessed voter fraud without offering any concrete proof to back it up.

Murray also noted that Karamo has a history of inflammatory rhetoric, claiming the GOP is full of "traitors" and incumbent Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is "a very evil, evil, evil woman" — and beyond that, she is also a ferocious culture warrior.

"Among her concerns, evolving norms around gender and sexuality, views she often takes to the extreme," said Murray. "In an August 2019 blog post, she called transgender women trying to play women's sports 'mentally ill adults playing dress-up.' She suggested in a podcast that premarital sex paves the way for society condoning pedophilia. She's called public schools indoctrination camps and is against teaching about evolution. She also referred to herself as an anti-vaxxer before the COVID-19 vaccines were authorized."

"These views, now under the spotlight as she seeks the Republican nomination," concluded Murray, noting that Karamo was unavailable for comment.

Watch below:

Sara Murray profiles Kristina Karamo