Senator issues a warning about the next restrictive move for the anti-abortion world after losing Kansas

Voters in Kansas made it clear this week that they don't want to change the state's constitution to hand abortion to the state's conservative legislature to decide.

After the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling to eliminate the Roe v. Wade decision that gave privacy for such medical decisions, reports have flooded in about women in crisis having miscarriages, rape survivors who have to travel long distances to get abortions and misguided bans on emergency contraception. But even after voters in Kansas issued a rebuke of letting the legislature regulate healthcare, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) tweeted a warning.

"Mark my words, the anti-choice movement is going to look at the Kansas result and decide that their best path to criminalize abortion is a federal ban," he tweeted on Wednesday morning after the election. "It's coming, and that's what's on the ballot this November."

States across the country have passed their own bans with such harsh restrictions that could ultimately end up hurting pregnant women panicking about pregnancies that they do want, Pew explained.

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"Doctors have said it puts them in an untenable position where they have to base decisions on their legal liability, which shouldn’t be a consideration at all,” Pew quoted Shaina Goodman, the director for reproductive health and rights at the National Partnership for Women and Families. “At what point is the life of the mother at risk, when she’s coding on the table?”

Polls consistently show that Americans don't want the government overruling people's medical decisions, including abortions. But Sen. Murphy fears that the anti-choice community is so extreme that they'll impose their will on states where the voters reject the restrictions.

The Kansas ballot measure that failed on Tuesday goes along with one that also failed in Mississippi several years ago.

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